WOK FO YOU AMSTERDAM Lekker en snel!

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4,5 sterren uit 121 beoordelingen
6 nov 2020 om 13:54 Very good and delicious food but delivery is late but the food is hot and very nice
25 okt 2020 om 0:43 Good food fast and tomuch for one ☝️ person
6 okt 2020 om 21:56 Had een heerlijke smaak en de eten was goed warm
6 okt 2020 om 21:55 Heerlijk eten snel bezorgd
30 sep 2020 om 23:18 Heerlijk en best wel snel bezorgt
30 sep 2020 om 11:04 heerlijk eten en warm echt een aanrader
27 sep 2020 om 12:03 Good food Fresh and test is always Super
26 sep 2020 om 18:11 Excellent Service Food hot and Fredh
21 sep 2020 om 23:07 Good fresh and lakker must be open for lunch as well ..... rider was kind
21 sep 2020 om 19:43 Eten was heerlijk (echt een aanrader) goedzo ga zo door wok fo you
19 sep 2020 om 18:17 You don't taste the different sauces. Maybe something to work on. But in general it is good.
13 sep 2020 om 21:18 We were a new customers, but we will not order never again. They delivered in the wrong house, so we got the food after 2 hours and a half, and without the free drinks that they offered in apologies for the mistake. That shows that they are not serious.